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In case you didn't know ...

I will be going to REED COLLEGE next year.

That is all.



Oooh congratulations!
i'm sure i've said this before...(facebook, possibly), but due to boredom and friendship i'd like to say once again:

Hello stranger. You might regard me as kind of a creeper for leaving this, but oh well.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm thoroughly ecstatic for you, having felt kind of like your Reed-admissions-twin this past academic year. :D (~reed2011)
But then again, after getting deferred ED1, I didn't get waitlisted -- so you win at that.

You've always struck me as so epic-ly excited about Reed, so I'm sure this is awesome for you. And I thought I should tell you that you rock for getting in.

(Also please appreciate it wholeheartedly for those of us who aren't able to go there.)
I wish I could express in words how incredibly moved I was by your comment. Alas, all I can say is Thank You! and hope you understand that what you have said is going to stick with me for a very long time.

This whole process has been such an emotional rollercoaster with Reed and I do appreciate it all the more for my experience.

I take it from the comment you were either not accepted or have some extraordinary circumstance, either way it is a shame. Seeing the type of person you are from this one post already makes me think it was a mistake if you weren't admitted.

Where will you be this fall? Regardless, I wish you the best of luck!

Hi Zach,

Nope -- I wasn't accepted. Got a fateful envelope in early April instead of the larger package I would've preferred to receive. Thankfully being deferred meant I had all ready dealt with most of the emotional trauma that meant, considering how madly in love with Reed I was. My numbers just weren't high enough to make the cut, and I guess my essays and my interview weren't enough to supplement that.

I'm headed to The Evergreen State College in the fall, and I have a classmate going to Reed actually -- so I'll see if he'll let me visit for Renn Fayre at least. I guess the stars just weren't aligned right for this one. Who knows, there might be something more for me at Evergreen. Certainly a lot more nature, though I loved Portland and I'm sure I'll be visiting often since a really close friend of mine is going to be at L&C this fall.

I'm Erica, by the way. Maybe we'll bump into each other sometime when I'm Reed-stalking in person next year.

October 2008

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